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Jockey Comments | Manco Easter Handicap
Here are comments from the jockeys in the Manco Easter Handicap
April 23, 2022

1st - Carolina Reaper - Ashvin Goindasamy

Got a little too far back but was too good in the finish


2nd - Brando - Opie Bosson

Got a beautiful run. Thought we were home at the 100m but the lightweight run us down.


3rd - True Enough - Jonathan Riddell

Honest run by a honest horse.


4th - Samiam Seussie - Matt Cameron

Probably came to the end of it at the last bit but in twelve months time she'll be better but a good run.


5th - Demonetization - Leith Innes

A really top effort just the weight told. Probably the dry track as well.


6th - Osaka - Andrew Calder

Really happy with the run. Maybe just needed the sting out of the ground.


7th - Tellall - Bridget Grylls

He did it tough from the draw but he went super.


8th - Red Hussar - Joe Kamaruddin

No comment.


9th - Order Again - Taiki Yanagida

Got too far back.


10th - Wordsworth - Sam Spratt

Too firm for him. Flat footed the whole way but he battled on.


11th - On The Rocks - Craig Grylls

Travellled okay but didn't quicken with them.


12th - Germanicus - Michael McNab

Not effective this way round. Struggled to keep him on the track most of the race, but in the straight he was really good. The other way round he's better.


13th - Three Sixty - Masa Hashizume

The break between runs told in the finish.


14th - Clever Ruds - Lynsey Satherley

She was feeling the track a little today and a few hard runs lately. She'll come back a better horse.


Last - Celebre - Darren Danis

No comment.